Food eaten. Dishes done. Chairs pushed back, squealing in protest, until they hug the dining table once more. We wait.

The smell of fried eggs hangs in the air. The dark sky won't turn blue until the sirens announce dawn. All is still. We wait. 

The wind playfully tousles a tree. A lone car glides along the street outside making soft splashing sounds as it wades through a small puddle reminiscent of the last time Karachi pretended to have a tropical climate. All is silent once more. We wait. 

Stress does not exist in this limbo between yesterday and today. It would be nice to wait here forever.    


Purple said...

Beyond words beautiful.

Asad said...

Thanks :)

Cluster said...

Very nice. Have you read Faiz's Yeh dhoop kinara, shaam dhalay? I thought of that while reading your blog. His is about shaam, but he too talks about the 'limbo' :)

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