I love standing by the large window in my room after sehri with my ear pressing again its slightly damp jaali as I try to separate the sounds from the kitchen and the fan whining about the fluctuating voltage from those coming from outside. Are those the first sounds of the azaan? No, you idiot, that's just a plane.

I love the deep, intoxicating sleep that embraces you once you've stuffed your face at 4 in the morning. I hate waking up from such a sleep to go to school. It is the hardest part of fasting for me. 

Dates are overrated. The eating kind, I mean.


Nida SC said...

I love how your posts always bring a smile to my face.

And dates are not overrated! They're awesome! The eating kind I mean ;)

The Me. said...

I love reading your blog! =\
And. Your post reminded me of cold sehri mornings. I love sehri. Its magical. In a way.

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